Unlocking Your Child's Potential
Welcome to the TDMS Sixth Form
The Sixth Form at TDMS is a vibrant, friendly and purposeful place to be a student. We regard it as the pinnacle of the school and one of our main goals is that all of our high school students aspire to become part of our Sixth Form family.

The Sixth Form has grown rapidly over the last 2 years. This is a testament to the quality of the relationships between staff and students as well as the diversity and challenge of our curriculum; it is a natural consequence of the rapid improvement of our results at Key Stage 4 and a recognition that TDMS provides a high quality, inclusive education that promises to unlock the potential of every child.

Outcomes in the Sixth Form have also improved significantly over the last 2 years. Our average grade per entry is now a C+, in line with county and national averages. Approximately 60% of our students move on to university after Sixth Form, including Russell Group institutions, or else secure apprenticeships.

Our current Sixth Form team draws upon a wealth of Sixth Form experience, with 2 previous Heads of Sixth Form, 3 Heads of Faculty and a strong link to the Senior Leadership Team. This enables us to maintain high standards, to have a clear vision for the future development of the Sixth Form and also to be clearly grounded in the curriculum.

For a small but expanding Sixth Form, our curriculum offer is very broad. This year we have been able to offer a wide range of traditional facilitating subjects, including a full suite of Science and Humanities A-levels. We also offer popular BTEC courses in Sport, Health and Social Care and Travel and Tourism. In the last 2 years we have successfully introduced new subjects including Criminology and Sociology, showing our ongoing commitment to offer an engaging and innovative range of subjects not usually offered in school Sixth Forms. Students joining our Sixth Form in 2021 can expect even more choice as we plan to offer new A-level courses in Law and Film Studies. For more information about our courses, please read our options booklet for 2021 admission.

There is no doubt that A-level and Level 3 BTEC and vocational courses are a big step up from GCSE. We recognise that and have put structures in pace to help our students to bridge the gap. We make extensive use of Google classroom to post online resources and activities. We give financial support to all of our students to help them to buy the textbooks that they need to access the highest grades. Our vision is for a technology-rich culture that engages our students through blended learning, excellent classroom teaching supported by high quality online resources. We encourage all students to have a laptop to bring to school. But where this isn’t possible, we will loan out Chromebooks. Students previously or currently n Free School Meals will have all of their text books purchased for them.

If you are interested in finding out more about our courses and our philosophy, please read the additional documents that are hosted on this page.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Elaine Shepperd
Head of Sixth Form