The De Montfort School
Student ICT E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policy

You are requested to use computer equipment in school responsibly and safely.  We ask you to respect the equipment in school and be sensible when using it. 

I agree to follow these rules when using the school network, learning platforms, email and internet facilities: 

          I will always keep my passwords a secret.

          I will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the school network or to any other computer system found on the Internet.

          I will not attempt to log on using another personís username and password with or without their permission.  This also includes email and the VLE (Frog).

          I will not attempt to access another personís files or personal information.

          I will not interfere with, damage or vandalise any ICT equipment.  If I do, I understand that I may be charged for the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment, over and above whatever other sanctions are imposed.

          I will not attempt to upload unsuitable, illegal or unauthorised files onto the school network.  This includes inappropriate images, movies, applications, and hacking software

          I will not bring unsuitable, illegal or unauthorised files into school on any form of portable media storage device, including mp3 players, iPods, mobile phones etc.  I accept that these devices may be confiscated if I am caught attempting to display, access or upload files of this nature

          I will always ask for permission to use the printer and to not print unnecessarily.  I also understand that any print jobs I send to the printers are monitored and recorded.

          I will not use the school network to play non-educational games.

         I will not use the school network to access any unsuitable internet sites, including games websites (other than educational games when directed), proxy websites, pornographic websites, file download or shareware websites or social networking sites.

         I will not use social networking sites to contact members of The De Montfort School staff (for example, Facebook, Twitter, etcÖ).

         I will not use Social Network Sites in school unless it is for educational purposes

         I will not use my school email address as a contact for social networking sites.

         I will take personal responsibility to check the copyright status of any material that I obtain from the internet, or post on to the internet.

         I will not take information from the internet and pass it off as my own work.

         I will only use the internet for educational purposes. I will not use it for financial gain, for gambling or for advertising.

         I will report any misuse of the internet, unsuitable content or activities immediately to a member of staff.

         In the interests of my own e-safety, I will report any attempts to contact me by people outside the school community to a member of staff.

         I will not attempt to release viruses, or carry out any other malicious practice that contravenes the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

         I will abide by all other relevant government legislation concerning appropriate use of the internet.

        I understand that my computer access in school is routinely monitored using NetSupport and Policy Central software.  This also includes internet access and email.  Internet and email access is also monitored on all personally requested devices connected to the school network.  These devices are connected to the network when requested by the user and must be done by a technician.

         I am aware of the CEOP report button and know when to use it.


Additionally, when using a computer,

          Always keep your personal details private (your name, family information, journey to school, are all examples of personal details) and never post these on a website.

          Never meet an online friend without taking a responsible adult that you know with you, and donít befriend people you do not know.  Not everyone online is who they say they are.

          Do not post any pictures online that staff, or your parents may consider to be inappropriate.  Remember, once you upload a picture on to the internet, most people will be able to see and download it.  Itís not yours anymore.

          Do not respond to any messages that are mean or in any way make you feel uncomfortable.  Let a member of staff know if you are receiving such messages.  I will also be polite and responsible when I communicate with others


I recognise, understand, and agree to the following sanctions as consequences for unacceptable use of The De Montfort School network, learning platforms, email and internet facilities

1.     A warning which may include a letter home and put on file as well as an appropriate sanction.

2.     The suspension of all network, Internet and email privileges on a temporary or permanent basis.

3.     Referral to a member of the Leadership Team (who will then decide on appropriate action) or to other relevant authorities including, where necessary, the Police.



Updated Ė August 2017