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Remote Learning
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What work will my son/daughter be set?

Your son/daughter will be set work according to their timetable. Students should complete the tasks on the set day. All subjects, including Core PE, will set the following via Google Classroom:

  • Task instructions that detail what your son/daughter should do and by when
  • Lesson materials such as PowerPoints or worksheets for your son/daughter to work through
  • Further resources, including video clips, quizzes and PDF files
  • A mixture of tasks which can be completed on screen and other tasks which can be completed off screen in either work books or exercise books

  • All lesson resources are quality assured by Heads of Faculty to ensure your son/daughter continues to have access to high quality teaching. Work is set in line with what students in school are receiving.

    How will I know if my son/daughter has completed the work?

    Teachers will be checking your son/daughter's work and will provide feedback via Google Classroom or email. to support your son/daughter knows how to improve. Teachers will also support students on their return to the classroom to ensure that they have what they need for a smooth transition to face to face teaching.

    Guidance for students

    Working from home is not ideal and can sometimes feel very frustrating. There are a number of things that you need to do that will help make home learning easier.

    Before you start work

    Before you start your home learning, make sure you do the following:
    Eat your breakfast! Your brain is like an engine. If you don’t feed it, it won’t work properly.
    Find somewhere where you can work. It is important that you work in a space that does not contain any distractions. The better your focus, the easier work will be.
    Check your schedule and organise all the equipment and resources that you need.
    Pour yourself a glass of water or squash. Hydrating properly increases your concentration levels and helps you think more clearly.
    Put your phone in another room. Students who work in rooms with their phones achieve less than those who don’t.

    Google Classroom

    All your tasks for every day will be set as assignments on Google Classroom. You will be able to see your tasks for the day by logging into Google Classroom using your school email and selecting the right classroom.

    Remember you should complete all work according to your timetable by the deadline that has been set. You should not be leaving work to build up. Your teachers will tell you exactly what needs to be uploaded to Google Classroom so that teachers can see what you have done and provide you with feedback.

    Guide to Google Classroom

    Ms Watson is the Senior Leader responsible for our remote learning provision.