The De Montfort School
The De Montfort School
Unlocking Your Child's Potential
At The De Montfort School, our children will receive an exceptional education. Encompassing both academic and personal development, they will become independent and reflective learners, ‘givers’ not ‘takers’ and do the ‘right thing’ not the ‘easy thing’ as the leaders of the future.

We will nurture and develop every child, whatever their ability, their gifts and their talents. Our highly skilled, committed and caring staff will provide the exceptional support, guidance and challenge to ensure we unlock every child’s potential. Our children will have exceptional opportunities to develop their teamwork and leadership skills as well as the self-confidence and determination to always try their best.

The De Montfort School will be at the heart of our local community, supporting all first and middle schools, providing a unique all through 10-18 education; ensuring our children develop the skills to succeed in higher education, work and adult life. As the ‘first choice’ school in Evesham and the local community, both Middle and High schools will be oversubscribed.

Progress will be judged as outstanding and standards sustained above those achieved nationally. Attainment in all subjects will be high and especially in English and Mathematics. Low literacy and numeracy skills which have hindered the progress and prospects of many young learners will be consigned to the past. Our children and our local community will benefit from our exceptional sporting, creative and performing arts facilities.

Our children will be happy, safe and healthy. As active learners, they will engage and contribute to a rich and vibrant educational experience. They will be aspirational and have the highest of expectations and a genuine sense of pride; displaying exceptional attitudes towards learning, celebrating cultural diversity and respecting others and our environment.

September 2019